LED Lighting for Smart Vehicles with Color-SHIFT Technology


LED lighting kits are available for Sports Utility Vehicles to unleash the true design character of your vehicle. High-powered lighting is available for four-wheelers and motorbikes. LED strips powered by 5050SMD in many varieties are now available within an extremely reasonable price range. You can suit your vehicles with LED strips and plug-on slabs to just the size you require. LED strips are also perfect for illuminating the interior space of vehicles besides lighting up the outer areas of vehicles. Start highlighting the best part of your personal vehicle with these high definition lights today to gain an unmatched level of attention from people, every day.

Best Controls



Plug and play lighting setups in LED are best for brightening up the interior section of a vehicle. This is now made possible by the use of custom packages made with bright SMDs for interior lighting and these lighting strips are also ideal for engine bays, sound system amps and so on. Custom packages could be ordered to meet design requirements. The addition of LED controllers is to enable a seamless performance plus it will be a major factor for choosing LED lighting kits for vehicles. With controllers, you will have power over the device with a range of 100ft. From inside or outside the vehicle, the user can adjust the color he or she prefers by simply pushing a button. The controller allows for different LED lighting effect patterns like pulse and strobe and can be dimmed as well as pattern speed control.



Automotive lighting companies like Oracle Lighting offers many colored lighting options to give cars a uniquely customized appearance. Color-SHIFT LED lighting is one of the latest innovations made available by Oracle Lighting. Purchase LED Lighting for vehicles at great prices with a year warranty from the award winning and well reputable automotive lighting manufacturer in the USA.


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