Top 3 Reasons why Fog Lights ensure Safe Driving



If you are an adventurous soul, you must be seeking thrill in driving on off-roads or through extreme weather situations like the snow, fog, rain, storms and etc. Or else, if you happen to live in a fog-prone area, you are bound to face difficulty while driving. The only alternative for you is to install precautionary accessories in your car. One such accessory is automotive LED Lighting.

Proper automotive lights can totally transform your driving experience, no matter how bad the weather is or how uneven the road is. The LED headlights for cars are extremely efficient, but even their sharp beam of light are not enough for foggy weather. Several automotive LED lighting manufacturers are bringing out innovative lighting tools to deal with such weather problems. One of them is Fog lighting.

Here’s why fog lights are the best means to ensure safe driving:

Unhindered vision

Fog lights have been designed in the manner so that they do not obstruct the driver’s visions, and can enable smooth and safe driving in thick fogs. So, unlike the standard LED headlights for cars, these do not reflect the dust particles during a storm and blind the other drivers with their strong glares.

Enables to cut through heavy fogging

The fog lights’ beam has a narrow shape, which is kept lowin the car, close to the front bumper that helps them to cut through the fog and illuminate the area perfectly. And this low and wide beam with the concentrated focus makes it easier for the driver to determine a fixed path for driving.

Maximum range of visibility

Another amazing feature of the front fog lights is that they can extend the range of visibility of the driver to the maximum. The rear fog lights can even be very useful in such weather because, even though you are not able to see anything in this weather, owing to the rear fog lights, others will be able to spot you easily. These become the warning signals, indicating the other drivers on the road about the existence of your car. Front fog lights are generally white in color, but they are also available in yellow and blue. The rear fog lights are always red in color.

You can find these lights from almost every automotive LED lighting manufacturer. These separated units from headlights are also useful in areas with restricted amount of light. These lights have successfully contributed to the growth and advancement of the automotive lighting industry.


Five Tips to Improve your Nighttime Driving


captureOften people think that there are lesser chances of fatal accidents at night, owing to the lesser amount of vehicles and people on the road. But, this is not entirely true. You have to be extra careful when you are driving at night because your eyes start getting heavy from sleep, and you will feel weary. In such a scenario, if you keep driving, you won’t be able to see the objects clearly and meet with an accident.

Automotive LED lighting manufacturers are wellaware of this predicament. So, they have come up withthe most advanced quality of automotive lights. If these can be maintained properly, these lights can not only give your car a sophisticated flair, but will also reduce the chances of deadly accidents at night. Here, are a few tips that can enhance your nighttime visibility through LED lighting accessories for cars:

Use Proper Headlights

Headlights are essential components of a car. Nowadays, you also custom headlights or projector headlights like the LED headlight halos, which emit a powerful and intensified quality of lights, and ensure a brighter visibility on the road. It is illegal to drive without proper headlights.

Check headlight alignment

Sometimes, you will notice that the headlights are angled lower towards the ground or asymmetrically aligned. You have to adjust them accordingly. Even if you use brilliant quality of headlights, these cannot properly serve you without proper alignment.

Replace Burnt-out Headlights

Maintaining your car parts is as important as installing updated quality of products. So, if your headlights are showing signs of dimming or burning out, you must immediately replace them to avoid fatal injuries.

Install High Beam Lights

If you want to widen your field of vision while driving through low light conditions, you must use high beam lights. This ensures further safety during nighttime driving.

Clean the windshield, windows & mirrors

Windshield, windows and mirrors play a crucial role in enhancing your vision on the road. So, always keep them clean. But, do not wipe them with your hands directly. You can use a newspaper or a microfiber towel for this purpose.

You must follow these tips if you want to improve your nighttime driving. Installing efficient lighting accessories like the LED headlight halos for example, is not enough. You have to regularly take care of them and make sure they function effectively before you take out your car for a spin in the night. So, quickly contact the nearest automotive LED lighting manufacturer and grab the best deal for a smooth nighttime driving experience.


Five Features that make LED Car Lighting Accessories a Brilliant Investment


CaptureWhen someone says they are investing in a car, it is not merely an investment in an asset. It is actually an investment of a lifetime. Because, you have to constantly maintain it, upgrade its components to make it more functional, stylish and fun.One of the ways you can do so is by switching to LED car lighting accessories. Lighting components of a car are crucial for your safe driving because they indicate a lot of the position, size, speed and direction of the other cars in the vicinity. The LED technology has made these automotive lights far more functional and innovative. So, the car not only performs better, but it also looks like a million bucks. There are various automotive LED lighting manufacturers who offer supreme quality products, making your driving experience, a total value for money.

Here are some reasons that prove why LED car lighting accessories are such fruitful investments of your life.

  1. Efficient Visibility: Lighting upgrades are always welcome for automobiles because these determine the vision of these vehicles on the road. These enable safe driving on poorly lit or underdeveloped roads and in adverse weather conditions too.
  2. Prevent Accidents: If your car is equipped with enhanced visibility, it is bound to prevent fatal accidents. This is not only true for how well you can see the road ahead, but also for others to see you effectively while driving on the road. LED lights, with their intensified quality of lighting, ensures that you are easily identified on the road, thereby preventing any chance of unnecessary collisions.
  3. Exceptional Appeal: For every carenthusiast, the car is not a generic automobile that runs on petrol. It is an extension of their own personality. Therefore, it will be great if you can install automotive lights that will add an excellent panache to your car and easily turn a lot of heads while you drive it on the roads.
  4. Long Range of view: These lighting elements are especially crucial for performance based drivers or sports driving enthusiasts. These provide a long range lighting helping you to drive in the dark and enable you to recognize puddles, boulders and road bends in advance when driving at high speed.
  5. Other Kinds of Utility: These lights are also useful when you need assistance in the dark, for instance, when your car breaks down in the middle of the night on a poorly lit highway.

These essential features have made them a favorite of every automotive LED lighting manufacturer. If you can maintain your car with proper car lighting accessories, then it will have a solid resale value; the more you invest in it, the better value you will get for it.