Replacing old headlights with New and Efficient LED Headlights for Cars



Headlights are one of the most important safety components of your car. If you buy the right kind of headlights, it will not only improve your peripheral vision and distance visibility at night but also they will enable you to drive on off-roads and in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or fog. Having an effective headlight can also emit a stylish glow to your car exterior. Therefore, it is important to choose your car headlights wisely.

In recent times, LED headlights for cars have become immensely popular owing to the rise of the LED technology. LEDs are more energy-efficient and durable. They also have a stylish appeal and are environmentally conducive, thereby making it a total value for money. Several automotive LED lighting manufacturersare recommending LED headlights when you are buying a new car or replacing your existing ones.

When will you replace your headlights?

  • If you notice your headlight is beginning to dim, it means it is time to replace it. It will hinder your visibility and might also attract a citation if you continue to let it burn while your car is in operation.
  • The purpose of headlights is to emit a bright and clear beam of light that will increase visibility during your drive at night. So, if your headlight is not burning bright enough, you should consider switching to LED headlights for cars, which burn brighter than standard ones and offer the desired visibility.
  • Cracking of either one of the headlight lens is another sign that you need a headlight replacement immediately. Otherwise, it will increase the chances of moisture seeping into the headlight and also burning it out rapidly.
  • If you currently have incandescent headlights, then it is time to replace them as these models are becoming outdated as they use more energy than other headlights.
  • If you have recently shifted to a fog-prone area or areas which have roads in a terrible condition, you must upgrade your headlights. Brighter headlights will enhance your visibility on the road and prevent any uncalled for situation.

LED headlights for cars are the best choice, whether you are replacing the headlights or installing new ones because they are energy-efficient and long lasting. They pass electricity through semiconductors to emit light and therefore, consume very little fuel from the vehicle. Hence, LED headlights are the most efficient and effective solution, recommended by every automotive LED lighting manufacturer, for installing new or replacing old headlights.


LED Car Lighting Accessories: Excellent Choice for Modern and Innovative Rides



If you notice brighter and glowing car lights on the road, you should know that it is not a surprise. This is because of the emerging popularity of the light-emitting diodes or LEDs as opposed to the traditional halogen. Although halogen still has the highest rank in the market, there are several other effective alternatives that have a growing popularity.

Now the question is why is LED a better choice for automobiles. LED car lighting accessories are known for their esteemed quality, longevity and low energy consumption. That is the reason they are heavily recommended by automotive LED lighting manufacturers. Here are several reasons why LED is the best choice for your automobiles:

• LEDs are composed of small diodes as opposed to gas and filaments that produce light when electric current stimulates their electrons.

• LED car lighting accessories, although produce a large amount of heat on the diodes; they need very less amount of energy to work.

• However this heat is nothing compared to the heat produced by halogens and even small deposits of skin moisture can affect their performance.

• LEDs are of small size which makes it easier to turn it into any shape.

• LEDs have the coolest temperature of around 6,000 Kelvin which makes them appear brighter than normal daylight as opposed to Xenon or halogens which are more yellowish in appearance.

• The light emitted from the LEDs is directional and does not diffuse like the other light sources. So it is immensely helpful on the roads, for preventing accidents.

• These lights produce a huge pattern of light on the road against the small pool of light in front of the vehicle emitted by the halogens.

Due to these reasons, automotive LED lighting manufacturers claim that it is an excellent choice for all automobiles. The efficiency and fine quality of the LED car lighting accessories is totally worth the price you pay for it.

Factors that you must keep in mind while buying LED Car Lighting Accessories



A car is no longer only a mode of transportation. It is also a reflection of one’s personality and this gave rise to the trend of accessorizing a car. Car lighting accessories, available in various types and colors, add an exclusive yet stylish element to the automobiles.

Lighting your car is not merely illuminating your vehicle in a random manner possible. The idea is not to use glaring lights that hurt your eyes but something that highlights your car and makes it stand apart. Therefore choosing LED car lighting accessories are a daunting task. Here are a few tips for buying car lighting accessories:

• Check the Rules and Regulations

 Your first concern while buying car lighting accessories would be to check with a patrolling officer about the rules and regulations of your state. Some places do not allow use of certain colors while some places allow bold colored lights but nothing too gaudy. So even if you manage to install the lights, you may not be able to light them. In case of a violation, you may be required to pay a fine. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

• Select the type of Light 


 There are various kinds of LED car lighting accessories such as functional lighting, cosmetic lighting or warning lighting etc but you must select the one that suits your purpose.

• Be Aware of the Light Source

 LED is a compact and energy-efficient source of light. It uses a semi conductor to emit light and since they are long lasting, they become the perfect car lighting source as it hardly needs replacement. They are also available in different patterns and nowadays with the color shift LED lighting it has become even more popular.

• Confirming the Compatibility

The most important thing about buying car lighting accessories is whether they fit into the vehicle. Some functional lights often require a special kind of connection.So make sure the accessories you are deciding to buy are compatible with the car. You can consult the various installation kits for reference.

• Kind of Installation

oracle2_droptoprevenge If you want to install the light yourself, choose a kind of light that is easy to install. It is not difficult to do self-installation but it can be time consuming. Make sure you read the manual well and disconnect the battery of the car when you are doing the electric work otherwise you may have an accident.

LED Car lighting accessories have become incredibly popular with its unique range of patterns and types. Not only does it make driving easy and convenient, but with its Color-shift Led Lighting, it adds a chic and unique look to your car. If you take these factors into consideration, these can add an exquisite value to your car.

There are various kinds of LED Car Lighting Accessories that you can make use of


ford-2015-f150-interior-and-exterior1There are so many areas in a car where you can use lights to accessorize and brighten up the entire car. Inside or outside, lights can be very useful for a car in every way. We are accustomed to seeing the usual car lights, like headlights, tail lights, fog lights and so on but occasionally we do find the more adventurous car lights that are fitted underthe cars, or on the roofs, or somewhere totally unconventional.

Amongst these, all LED car lighting accessories have come up trumps in terms of variety of use, longevity and being more value for money. Additionally, they are far more environment-friendly than other car lights as well.LEDs consume much less energy and that is why they save on your pocket. Because of these reasons they are increasingly being used as replacement lights.

xenon_replacement_bulbsYou will find Halo Kits that come with LEDs designed in the form of halosthat shine brightly with a warm glow and then gradually become more and more intense as the LEDs become heated up. These rings of lights are very fashionable now, especially the ones that are multicolored. All leading automotive LED lighting manufacturers produce these lights now.

The pre-assembled LED headlights are increasingly becoming popular because many people don’t want to spend any more time and money in paying extra and getting their car lights assembled after buying them from an automotive LED lighting manufacturer. Many people are on a tight budget so they opt for these standardized versions, rather than asking alocal automotive car part assembler to assemble the lights in a bespoke way. In fact, these pre-assembled LED headlights have reportedly been found to be better in quality and durability than many of the made to order ones that customers get assembled separately.

If you want to buy such LED car lighting accessories then contact Oracle Lights right away! They make the most value for money car lights that you could find in the US.

Replacement LED Headlights for Cars are Very Popular in the US


ces150160_large1Since 1984, it has become mandatory for US citizens to have sealed beam headlights for their cars. In the early years, there used to be an exact number of standardized designs for the headlights and that,therefore, used to restrict the kinds of designs in which the headlamps could be made.But later on with the introduction of sealed beam headlamps that have the facility of their bulbs getting replaced from time to time brought about some variety in the kinds of headlamps we use. Therefore, people started to buy all sorts of bulbs for their car headlights.Halo bulbs came to dominate the markets for sealed beam headlamps, but these days LED bulbs are the dominating force because they can save more energy and can last far longer than halogen bulbs. People who did not use LED bulbs before are actively doing so now.

download (1)If bulbs are easily replaceable, so are the lights. That is why replaceable LED headlights for cars are so popular now. These replaceable models can be found for 7 or 5.75 inches diameter seamless beam headlamps because that is the common round sizes. The LED bulbs that are arranged inside the replacement lamps are mostly done in a rugged fashion so that they can withstand more difficult conditions. Each bulb remains encased in a Polycarbonate covering and therefore remains protected from rough use and the vibration of the car. This design is in fact called the Solid-State luminaire design that is specifically good for those cars, whose active engines make the cars vibrate too much.Epoxy is used to seal the electronics of the LED headlights for cars to prevent moisture from ruining the working of the lights.

Buying such replaceable lamps can be a very good investment for the long run as they are not only very hard wearing but also have a very long functional life, due to the LED bulbs being used. Oracle Lights are an excellent automotive LED lighting manufacturer where you can get such replacement LED headlamps.

LED Car Lighting Accessories – Drive Into the New Age of Car Lighting

ces150160_largeLighting accessories are one of the best ways to add to the look of your vehicle. The fact that these accessories catch attention of the people on the road puts them in the priority list for any car enthusiast. Now if you have been hunting for sophisticated lighting accessories, you would be spellbound by the number of options you have. But of all the lighting accessories available there is something special about LEDs or light emitting diodes that separates them from the rest. These lighting accessories would help you drive your car to the new age where you would make a statement on the road.

New Generation LED Lights

If you have been keenly following the LED car lighting accessories over the last few years you would have witnessed the trend in the evolution of these lights. Once they were merely branded as cosmetic lighting that added new look to the vehicle but these days they offer you a variety of options in terms of functional lighting too. From high beam LED car headlights to fog lights you would have dozens of options to explore depending on your taste and needs. Also there is a wide range of other LED products such as LED lighting strips, wheel rings, badges and crosshairs that help in adding glittering touch to your vehicles.

The Evolution Is On

halo_kits_bannerThink of the traditional lighting accessories and you would notice that they have stagnated and there have been no major improvements in form and factor for a considerable amount of time. You can’t put LED car lighting accessories in the same leagues as the evolutionary process is in its full steam.Automotive LED lighting manufacturers are constantly coming out new products that are leading aftermarket car customization into a completely new era.

Go for the right LED car lighting accessories and be a part of the new league.

A Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right LED Headlights for Cars


ces150160_largeThe more you see LED car headlights, the more likely you want to get them installed on your vehicle you are in installing them on your vehicle. These lights can reinvent the look of your vehicle and make it stand out on the road. Given the fact that headlights are one of the most important elements of your vehicle, you need to be extra careful in replacing your car’s old lighting bulbs. Here is a small guide to choosing the right LED headlamps for your vehicle.


# Safety is Vital
Headlights are an essential part of your vehicle because they provide important safety. So if you are installing aftermarket LED headlights for cars, make sure you don’t compromise on the safety aspect. Here we must mention that LED headlamps come in different grades of brightness. In fact, first generation LED lights were known to be dimmer compared to the present ones. Since LED lights tend to produce a more focused and narrower beam, choose ones that come with wider coverage.


# Choose The Right Color
LED headlamps come in different color shades and you should always choose the proper color. If you are replacing the main bulbs it would be advisable that you opt for white colored lights. For secondary lighting products you can choose from different shades that include yellow, red and blue.


halo_kits_banner# Reputable Manufacturer
The LED automotive lighting market is fragmented and this has led several sub-standard companies to make their entry into the market. These Sub-standard Companies try to attract you with their low price tags but pose threat to your safety and also to the electrical system of your vehicle. You should always verify the credentials of the automotive LED lighting manufacturer before buying their products. Check out the ratings and feedback they receive from their customers.


These three important things should guide you purchasing the right LED headlights for your vehicle and add a sense of style and presence on the road.