Three Things to Consider before buying your Car Headlights



You are not a true car enthusiast if you do not pay attention to every detail while buying a car. Usually, car owners are quite well-read about cars and car parts. So, they always pick the right things for their car. But it is not only important to check the automobile parts but one must also give emphasis on the lighting elements of a car. Your safety depends both on the car’s performance as well as the automotive lights.

Plank Lights, projector lights, LED illuminated wheel rings are some of the innovations witnessed by the automotive lighting industry. One of the main lighting elements of your car exterior is the headlight. Headlights become the vision of the car, guiding you to the position, direction and speed of the cars around you on the road. Nowadays LED headlights for cars are more preferred to halogen light bulbs owing to their ecological advantage and smart appearance. So, here are three most important things you have to consider while choosing such lights.

Check the Lighting Capacity:

The first thing to check whenever you are buying headlights is its lighting capacity. Limited lighting capacity will affect the visibility of the driver and thus, lead to severe injuries or even serious accidents. Usually, LED lights emit highly intensified lights which cover a large portion of the area.

Be sure about their Durability:

Like any other product, you must enquire about the longevity of the headlights before buying them. Regular headlights have to undergo a lot of wear and tear on the road owing to pollution, bad weather and rough handling of the car by drivers. LED headlights are far more durable as compared to others because they are made up of diodes which do not cause sudden breakdowns.

Test the flair and appeal:

Finally, you must choose lighting accessories that enhance the appearance of your car. Hence LED illuminated wheel rings or halo headlights have become so popular these days. So, choose headlights which look sleek and contemporary, thereby giving your car a far more stylish and cutting edge appearance.

LED headlights for cars are by far, the most popular headlights in the automotive lighting market. They fit all the above criteria and are also environmentally more conducive. LED lights are 90% more efficient than traditional light bulbs and hence even decrease the fuel consumption of cars, thereby conserving more energy.


Top 3 Reasons why Fog Lights ensure Safe Driving



If you are an adventurous soul, you must be seeking thrill in driving on off-roads or through extreme weather situations like the snow, fog, rain, storms and etc. Or else, if you happen to live in a fog-prone area, you are bound to face difficulty while driving. The only alternative for you is to install precautionary accessories in your car. One such accessory is automotive LED Lighting.

Proper automotive lights can totally transform your driving experience, no matter how bad the weather is or how uneven the road is. The LED headlights for cars are extremely efficient, but even their sharp beam of light are not enough for foggy weather. Several automotive LED lighting manufacturers are bringing out innovative lighting tools to deal with such weather problems. One of them is Fog lighting.

Here’s why fog lights are the best means to ensure safe driving:

Unhindered vision

Fog lights have been designed in the manner so that they do not obstruct the driver’s visions, and can enable smooth and safe driving in thick fogs. So, unlike the standard LED headlights for cars, these do not reflect the dust particles during a storm and blind the other drivers with their strong glares.

Enables to cut through heavy fogging

The fog lights’ beam has a narrow shape, which is kept lowin the car, close to the front bumper that helps them to cut through the fog and illuminate the area perfectly. And this low and wide beam with the concentrated focus makes it easier for the driver to determine a fixed path for driving.

Maximum range of visibility

Another amazing feature of the front fog lights is that they can extend the range of visibility of the driver to the maximum. The rear fog lights can even be very useful in such weather because, even though you are not able to see anything in this weather, owing to the rear fog lights, others will be able to spot you easily. These become the warning signals, indicating the other drivers on the road about the existence of your car. Front fog lights are generally white in color, but they are also available in yellow and blue. The rear fog lights are always red in color.

You can find these lights from almost every automotive LED lighting manufacturer. These separated units from headlights are also useful in areas with restricted amount of light. These lights have successfully contributed to the growth and advancement of the automotive lighting industry.

Replacing old headlights with New and Efficient LED Headlights for Cars



Headlights are one of the most important safety components of your car. If you buy the right kind of headlights, it will not only improve your peripheral vision and distance visibility at night but also they will enable you to drive on off-roads and in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or fog. Having an effective headlight can also emit a stylish glow to your car exterior. Therefore, it is important to choose your car headlights wisely.

In recent times, LED headlights for cars have become immensely popular owing to the rise of the LED technology. LEDs are more energy-efficient and durable. They also have a stylish appeal and are environmentally conducive, thereby making it a total value for money. Several automotive LED lighting manufacturersare recommending LED headlights when you are buying a new car or replacing your existing ones.

When will you replace your headlights?

  • If you notice your headlight is beginning to dim, it means it is time to replace it. It will hinder your visibility and might also attract a citation if you continue to let it burn while your car is in operation.
  • The purpose of headlights is to emit a bright and clear beam of light that will increase visibility during your drive at night. So, if your headlight is not burning bright enough, you should consider switching to LED headlights for cars, which burn brighter than standard ones and offer the desired visibility.
  • Cracking of either one of the headlight lens is another sign that you need a headlight replacement immediately. Otherwise, it will increase the chances of moisture seeping into the headlight and also burning it out rapidly.
  • If you currently have incandescent headlights, then it is time to replace them as these models are becoming outdated as they use more energy than other headlights.
  • If you have recently shifted to a fog-prone area or areas which have roads in a terrible condition, you must upgrade your headlights. Brighter headlights will enhance your visibility on the road and prevent any uncalled for situation.

LED headlights for cars are the best choice, whether you are replacing the headlights or installing new ones because they are energy-efficient and long lasting. They pass electricity through semiconductors to emit light and therefore, consume very little fuel from the vehicle. Hence, LED headlights are the most efficient and effective solution, recommended by every automotive LED lighting manufacturer, for installing new or replacing old headlights.

Replacement LED Headlights for Cars are Very Popular in the US


ces150160_large1Since 1984, it has become mandatory for US citizens to have sealed beam headlights for their cars. In the early years, there used to be an exact number of standardized designs for the headlights and that,therefore, used to restrict the kinds of designs in which the headlamps could be made.But later on with the introduction of sealed beam headlamps that have the facility of their bulbs getting replaced from time to time brought about some variety in the kinds of headlamps we use. Therefore, people started to buy all sorts of bulbs for their car headlights.Halo bulbs came to dominate the markets for sealed beam headlamps, but these days LED bulbs are the dominating force because they can save more energy and can last far longer than halogen bulbs. People who did not use LED bulbs before are actively doing so now.

download (1)If bulbs are easily replaceable, so are the lights. That is why replaceable LED headlights for cars are so popular now. These replaceable models can be found for 7 or 5.75 inches diameter seamless beam headlamps because that is the common round sizes. The LED bulbs that are arranged inside the replacement lamps are mostly done in a rugged fashion so that they can withstand more difficult conditions. Each bulb remains encased in a Polycarbonate covering and therefore remains protected from rough use and the vibration of the car. This design is in fact called the Solid-State luminaire design that is specifically good for those cars, whose active engines make the cars vibrate too much.Epoxy is used to seal the electronics of the LED headlights for cars to prevent moisture from ruining the working of the lights.

Buying such replaceable lamps can be a very good investment for the long run as they are not only very hard wearing but also have a very long functional life, due to the LED bulbs being used. Oracle Lights are an excellent automotive LED lighting manufacturer where you can get such replacement LED headlamps.

A Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right LED Headlights for Cars


ces150160_largeThe more you see LED car headlights, the more likely you want to get them installed on your vehicle you are in installing them on your vehicle. These lights can reinvent the look of your vehicle and make it stand out on the road. Given the fact that headlights are one of the most important elements of your vehicle, you need to be extra careful in replacing your car’s old lighting bulbs. Here is a small guide to choosing the right LED headlamps for your vehicle.


# Safety is Vital
Headlights are an essential part of your vehicle because they provide important safety. So if you are installing aftermarket LED headlights for cars, make sure you don’t compromise on the safety aspect. Here we must mention that LED headlamps come in different grades of brightness. In fact, first generation LED lights were known to be dimmer compared to the present ones. Since LED lights tend to produce a more focused and narrower beam, choose ones that come with wider coverage.


# Choose The Right Color
LED headlamps come in different color shades and you should always choose the proper color. If you are replacing the main bulbs it would be advisable that you opt for white colored lights. For secondary lighting products you can choose from different shades that include yellow, red and blue.


halo_kits_banner# Reputable Manufacturer
The LED automotive lighting market is fragmented and this has led several sub-standard companies to make their entry into the market. These Sub-standard Companies try to attract you with their low price tags but pose threat to your safety and also to the electrical system of your vehicle. You should always verify the credentials of the automotive LED lighting manufacturer before buying their products. Check out the ratings and feedback they receive from their customers.


These three important things should guide you purchasing the right LED headlights for your vehicle and add a sense of style and presence on the road.

Enhance the Visibility of Your Ride with Quality Car Lighting

To improve the visibility of their vehicle in crowded city streets as well as in dark recesses of suburban outskirts, many car owners today are adopting smart frontal and peripheral lighting from some of the top outfits in the USA. This is considered a vital requirement as much in terms of standout style as in terms of safety measures.


Sometimes pressing a horn is not enough to announce your presence. You need to be prominently there visually too. This is where the role of strategic lighting comes in a big way. Plus, there are just too many drivers today who turn on the car stereo while driving. With music on the go playing in full volume you can hardly expect them to hear you and the rearview windows are anything but a full proof solution to this quandary. Even in rain slit and snow, who knows who will bump into you if your car lights are dim? Though accidents are not something that can be guaranteed to be avoided, but installing high density clear lights within affordable rates is really something you can viably do. Check online today for top marketers selling car styling light fixtures.


To increase visibility on the darkened streets, here are two of the stylish illuminative fixtures you can safely get installed to your ride—

Flexible LED Strips

These are meant to accent your riding gear on the periphery. You can get them at very suitable rates from any automotive LED lighting manufacturer based in USA. These draw very minimal power and are extremely efficient.

LED Halos

Halo illuminations are the most effective as penetrating fog lights. These could be finely installed as headlamps. Strike a good deal in buying LED headlights for cars from the best outfitters in the US and equip your vehicle to drive safe in all situations.

Give your Car a bold flair of style and sophistication with LED Light Fixtures



Looking for a colorful way to spruce up the look of your rides? LED Lights may just be a great way to bring a fresh new look to your vehicle. You may add new lighting to the car’s DRLs or seek for chrome bulbs to that removethe yellow egg yolk look from your vehicle’s headlights. Get a smooth looking headlight by simply adding Oracle Lighting chrome bulbs from stores sellingquality automotive accessoriesat todays great rates!

Before selecting light-emitting diodes, you must know why it is more advantageous and why it is a better choice—

  • LEDs produce clean, crisp light with great clarity but with a physical mechanism, which is entirely different from that of traditional halogen or incandescent lamps. The mechanism is more similar to electro luminescence rather than incandescence. There is obviously no shift in color temperature when the current passes through the LED. The effect of LEDs is extremely sharp and piercing and this is just what you need in your car headlamps to cut through the obstacles at times of harsh weather conditions.
  • LED headlights for caCar 1rs are in actuality more than just a style accessory, you will learn its importance when the day is swept over with either rain, slit or snow and you have to drive your way to work or unknown roads. Color-shift LED lighting produces a vibrant and invigorating light intensity and are commonly available from automotive light stores. Play with color and experiment with new looks for your ride everyday!

The light bulbs sourced from top outfitters are always super easy to install and just about anyone can do the installation.