Top 3 Exterior Car Lighting Accessories



Customizing a car with different varieties of lights is not only a necessity but also impactful. Nowadays, along with the performance level of a car, its appearance is also equally important. Choosing the latest brand of car is not enough but you also have to update your car with all the upcoming features. One such feature that leaves a tremendous impact on a car is its lighting. If you want to draw attention to the latest model of a car that you recently bought, you can easily do so by enhancing its lighting accessories.

Apart from the headlights and taillights, there are plenty of lights that can change the look of your car and give it a stunning appearance. Automotive LED lighting manufacturers understand the varied tastes and sensibilities of their customers. Sothey manufacture various kinds of lighting accessories, accordingly, to cater to every kind of customer. So, don’t you want to try out such interesting lighting ideas for your car? If yes, let’s first learn about the different lights available in the market that can enhance the exterior look of your car phenomenally.

  1. RGB LED Wheel Lights

By exterior, we generally look at the finish of the car’s body but nobody pays attention to the wheels of the car. Now you can also lighten up your stylish wheels. Go for innovative and vibrant RGB LED wheel lights to create a lasting impression on your first date or for flaunting your new car in front of your friends. These lights are easily placed on the upper part of the fender wheel to illuminate the tire and the wheel. These are not only stylish but will also make you easily recognized on the road, thereby reducing chances of fatal accidents.

  1. Neon Underglow

Let’s give your car a floating appearance on the road with these neon light tubes placed under your car. It will illuminate the underneath roadway and give it a dramatic feelwhile you enjoy the amazed look on people’s faces while driving the car.

  1. Mini LED Strips

Make your car doors a little fancy by installing mini LED light strips on its border. This will add a stylish flair to the car when driving on the road. And at the same time, it can be very useful when you want to reach the door of your car in a dark alley or a parking lot.

Before you buy any of these lighting accessories from a reputed automotive lighting manufacturer, you should check the traffic laws of your state. Or else you might be imposed with potential fines.


Make your car or bike stand out with a vividly brilliant light display



If you are looking to recreate your vehicle’s appearance that when on the go, people turn heads and notice your presence in a crowd. Contact the best and most innovative lighting company online. These guys create amazing lighting vehicle features possible. Selling lighting packages at a reasonable and competitive pricing. Now available are car LED light strips for decorating foot wells, undercarriage and front grills. Brilliant illumination for the interiors, the engine bays, amp racks and rear parts could practically make your vehicle shine like a speck of jewel on the road. Choose custom projects for highlighting certain parts of your vehicle only. In these projects, you can place orders for LED light strips that could also be controlled with a perfect regulation gear which has a range over a 100ft. With these controllers, one can control the LED power from any point. The lights could be dimmed, made to pulse effectively to create an interesting aura of fluctuating lights, or turned on to illuminate dark alleyways.

LED Strips 

Choose Oracle Color-shift LED lighting strips from the top online selling brand. Color-shift LEDs are equipped with changing colors, thus able to create a spectrum of over a million colors, changing from one to another seamlessly creating a fluid effect. To create a modern visual effect, the Color-shift technology could be used to create a certain so it would be very wise for you to buy LED Color-shift Lighting Strips from reputable sources and brands for a reduced price.

Waterproof and Year-Long Guarantee


For those rainy days and unpredictable weather, Oracle Lighting offers waterproof light strips to be installed on the vehicle’s exterior and engine bays. The rings in RGB LED wheel lights already include this waterproof technology for extended life span. Different color and size packages can be bought from Oracle Lighting and all include a lifetime warranty.